True wealth is the currency of deep settlement in your body & joy in your heart

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About Marika

Marika has always spread her wings in a variety of occupations, with the common underlying thread being the care and well-being of people. She  is a Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Professional with 20+ solid years delivering and advising on health, fitness, body awareness, nutrition and lifestyle medicine within high profile health clubs and private practice globally. Marika’s passion is supporting and caring for others through counselling and bodywork therapies, inspiring true heart centred change. 


"We must first have a healthy relationship with ourselves
before we can have healthy relationships with others."


She is dedicated to providing quality services with the utmost of integrity, offering clients an opportunity to re-connect to the harmony, stillness, joy and wisdom that naturally lies within.

Marika is also a highly versatile Project, Event & Operations Manager with expertise in People Management, Change Management, Office Management, Corporate Well-being and Process Improvements. Marika is in her element when managing projects and business operations.

Connection is everything


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I have just completed Marika’s 6week yoga course and I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that was presented in each session and the unfolding awareness that came thereafter. I find The Yoga of Stillness classes provide the space for me to connect to my body and be able to let go of tension and unwind.  I feel the difference in my body after every class especially how rejuvenating and restored I feel.

Marika has a wonderful understanding of Yoga – she presents from her solidness, her presence and the wisdom that she lives. Each class inspires me to bring focus to certain areas in my life. Her guidance and support throughout the 6week course was really beautiful and I highly recommend her course to anyone who wants to re-connect to themselves on a deeper level.

Leah - Accounts Administrator | Mum


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Complementary Therapies

Marika is a master of bodies; a reflection of the ease, light and strength with which she carries her own body.  Marika’s touch is both gentle and firm; a perfect combination for massage which my body was very appreciative to receive. 


My body felt deeply held and supported and safe to surrender to the power of its own healing throughout the session.  And it was delivered with the utmost professionalism, integrity, respect and care for me as the client and for my wellbeing. 

Stevie, Project Coordinator

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Project Management

In my position as Creative Director, over the last eight years, I have been asked to write many references for students and staff. It is not often I have the opportunity of going over the top. The attitude and efficiency Marika brought to the demanding tasks and challenges she faced were exemplary.


Each project and programme she was involved in, once completed had her mark on it. By example she taught the senior staff in this organisation as much as we taught her.


She is an extraordinary young woman, loyal, dedicated, hard working, creative, gregarious, efficient, mature, and a delight to work with. I truly believe she is capable of anything she sets her mind to.

Robert Perrier, Creative Director

Flying Fruit Fly Circus

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