Hanging Out to Just Simply Be Me

I was pondering about why children and teenagers love to just ‘hang out’, ‘chill out’ and just generally get together with no particular purpose per se. It occurred to me that these were just modern day expressions of what is actually quite natural for us all…

  • To just simply ‘BE’

  • No agenda’s

  • No to-do-lists

  • Simply BEING and connecting with others

Children often amaze and inspire me because when they are just being themselves they so easily connect to people with such openness, ease and playfulness. The innocence in their eyes and their body just melts any hardness that comes their way.

We have much to learn and be inspired by with children, for when they are just left to simply be themselves, the sparkle in their eyes is bright, the expression is full, and they know in their heart what true love is and what it is not.

So what happens when we get older? Where does that sparkle go? Did we forget how to just ‘hang out’ and ‘be’ with each other? We were once a child with that sweet innocence and connection with ourselves.

As adults, how often do we truly connect to this? Yes, we catch up with friends and spend time with family, but are we truly allowing ourselves to ‘BE’ and connect with each other heart to heart? Or are our accumulated protections, hurts and mistrusts guarding the way of truly meeting and connecting with each other?

Have achievements, goals, and recognition become more important than true connection that leads us to always be ‘doing’ something and puts our health and vitality low in priority?

These are the questions I have been pondering on today as I appreciate and observe the sweet innocence of a child – an innocence that is naturally within us all, should we choose to connect to. An innocence and an openness that I connected to within myself today that felt so heavenly and natural.

An innocence and an openness that I connected to within myself today that felt so heavenly and natural; but at first felt very raw and ‘naked’ as it was something that I would rarely allow myself to deeply feel and choose with others. But when I replaced the word ‘naked’ (which is how it first felt for me) with the words ‘open’ and ‘innocent’ it became easier to hold. There was nothing ‘weak’ about being in my innocence, but quite the opposite. The more I allowed myself to stay open to this, the more I could feel the power of my expression that came from this connection of deep presence and stillness. I then took myself for a walk with my openness and innocence. My chest and heart felt so different – I felt so open to people and the world and my chest felt like it was 1 metre in front of me. This was definitely new to me!

I realised that what I was experiencing was what it would feel like to let people in, to let the world in, to not put up a guard to protect, to allow myself to be fully seen in my sweet natural innocence. Gosh the world felt so different!

I am now so inspired to continue connecting to this quality, not just with myself, but with others and the world. If it was such a special and divine connection with myself, I can only imagine how special the experiences with others will be as I continue to allow myself to connect from the depths of my natural innocence.

All I had to do was ‘JUST BE ME’.

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