Sacred Esoteric Healing - A Gift From Heaven

When I discovered Sacred Esoteric Healing, it was the most profound modality I had come across. Not because of any bells or whistles that came with it or fancy techniques, but the fact that I could feel so different and so connected in my body after just one session. Something deep inside of me knew it was the real deal!

Before finding Sacred Esoteric Healing and Universal Medicine, I had for many years attended many workshops with presenters, and experienced sessions with practitioners of a wide range of modalities, but none of these came even close to the absolute integrity and love I have felt with the Esoteric modalities.

It is Sacred Esoteric Healing that awakened me to the deeper understanding of how choices have consequences to the body both physically and energetically.

Previously I had been working with people’s bodies for about 20 years in the yoga and fitness industries, and whilst my physiological and experiential understanding was extensive, looking at the energetics of my choices, patterns and the way I chose to live has been life changing for me and has had a flow-on effect to my clients.

It is an absolute delight to be able to share these understandings with clients and observe the positive impact on their lives.

I now also understand the importance of choosing modalities and therapies that can truly deal with the root cause of disharmony, illness and disease and not just cleverly bury or numb symptoms temporarily.

The energy and inconsistencies in the way I used to work with clients would leave me depleted by the end of the day. This was because I was so results driven and forever wanting to please. This was not coming from the sweet and tender me that I now know within myself, this was coming from a hardness, a push and an identification with my profession.

Whereas now from the healing I have experienced through my training with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and working with the Esoteric modalities, I have quite the opposite experience. I am now able to work long days and feel energised at the end of the day.

Because of the quality of presence that I bring in the way I work, I am able to do more, feel great and truly enjoy everything that I do, without any stimulants or vices such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol etc. The integrity in which I now work with clients recognises without compromise the responsibility that I have in the way that I choose to live, knowing that my quality of being affects the clients I see.

It is now so clear to me how powerful my daily lifestyle choices are, and the huge impact they have on my health, wellbeing and how I feel. My lifestyle choices are the best form of medicine I could give myself. The quality of care I bring to myself, what I eat, how I exercise, the love that I express with another and the way I think about myself, are some examples of this.

After all, I can only really love and care for another if I love and care for myself first. And so I am the forever student growing in my self-awareness and self-love knowing that as I deepen and expand within myself, so too can I share this with others. It is an absolute gift to live, work and unfold with this understanding.

I deeply appreciate all of the amazing awareness that Sacred Esoteric Healing continues to bring to my life and thus others. It is an absolute gift from Heaven.

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