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Includes 3 x private sessions, email support & budget templates personalised for you.

Singles:         Aus$350

Couples:       Aus$490

CBA BANK:         
BSB:              062 514
ACCOUNT: 10221806

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With consistency and purpose, saving money can be easy

Money Saving 101 Course

This was a fantastic course. I felt empowered and inspired to work with, and within my budget and tracking my spending has become fun!

I loved the private consultation, in which we tweaked my budget, it was like magic! I have more confidence following this course. Thank you Marika

Emma, Teacher | Mother, NSW

The course gave me the ability to unpick my poor relationship with money and to have a good look at other areas of my life that have been affected and where I have been putting my head in the sand.

I have to say this course was life changing for me. I now feel much more empowered, thank you Marika.

Michelle, Counsellor, Sydney


Money Saving 101 Course

I came to understand more solidly, it is how I am living my life which feeds into and is reflected back to me in my finances. That is empowering. One feeds the other in a lovely cycle.

Another valuable aspect I feel was being with others in this journey. Hearing of others experiences supported me immensely and expanded what was offered in the understanding and learning of money reflecting how we live. And that what is happening to one, is often happening to another; and so together we learn the lessons and make the journey.

Gina, Teacher, QLD

Money Saving 101 Course

This process has been life-changing. I had no idea that within 6 weeks I could have a grip on my finances and have an end date to my credit card debt. Thank you Marika for your support throughout this process.

It has been invaluable.

Laura, Teacher, Sydney

Marika makes money and all its apparent complexities seem very simple. She brings great clarity with a gentle understanding to all areas of this subject, and supports you to get to know why and where we can get so easily caught out and overwhelmed when it comes to our finances.
A wonderful opportunity for anyone who feels even just a little bit daunted by money, and everything associated with it.

Sandra, Hospitality Manager, UK

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