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Complementary Health Therapies

Our bodies are a great marker of truth for what is going on with us physically, emotionally and mentally

​It is easy to get distracted with daily life and miss the important messages that out bodies are telling us, and before we know it we are exhausted or in some sort of physical pain or discomfort. Many people today are experiencing stress, anxiousness, exhaustion, emotional distress and sleep problems.


It is our daily choices that impact our body, which then influence our daily choices. These daily lifestyle choices are either harming or healing our body. When we make more regarding choices that allow space to care and nurture ourselves, we have an opportunity to put into place rhythms and rituals of self-care that invites the body to return to and live in harmony.

These complementary to medicine therapies support the bodies healing back to harmony and offer an opportunity to stop, re-connect and re-balance the body. They are gentle, non-imposing and work with the body in supporting it to return to its natural way of true movement and true health.


Each modality is a great stand alone treatment or you may choose to combine or put yourself on a specific program. Sessions are 60-75mins in duration, however first time clients will need a 90min appointment. Treatments are available for Men, Women and Children of all ages.

"I started to explore the premise that disharmony, illness and disease in the body is being greatly influenced by how one chooses to live on a daily basis in all facets of one's life - emotionally, physically & mentally. This was the beginning of some profound shifts."

Marika Cominos


Powerful healing modality re-igniting the body from deep within

Chakra-puncture supports the re-building of vitality & fire in the body. It is a gentle healing modality that uses very shallow needles to activate the chakra’s allowing the physical body and the energetic being to deeply surrender back to harmony. The depth of insertion is very, very slight and the manner of insertion is very gentle with only a light touch needed. Unlike Acupuncture, the points activated are those that are based on the Science of the Nadis (the 45,000 energy centres of our physical body).


It is a very powerful modality for addressing and supporting many illnesses and disharmonies (including cancer) and is especially effective for clearing physical & emotional toxins out of the body. Chakra-puncture is not only a technique that supports in times of illness but an extremely powerful healing modality that has an enormous benefit to one's vitality. These can be stand-alone sessions or as part of a specific tailored program. The 12 week Chakra-puncture Detox is an example of a very powerful program that offers the body an opportunity to clear old patterns and behaviours, thus creating space for a more vital and alive body.

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Egyptian Facial Release

We store on our face what we emotionally feel

The Egyptian Facial Release is based on the fact that we store on our face what we emotionally feel. Or said another way…we usually look how we emotionally feel. There are many emotions held on our faces that are a reflection of what is going on in our bodies. It is a very gentle massage technique used to release these emotions that then assists in releasing what some of us may hold onto tightly in the body.


These sessions are 30-45mins in duration. It is a very pleasurable and powerful treatment to receive and a great combination with a complementary therapy treatment or at the end of a massage.

The Body is the Boss

Counselling | Bodywork

I first met Marika at a yoga workshop and it was a most enriching experience for me in both my yoga practice and personal development. From this experience, I continued to work with Marika to work on changes I wanted to make in my life. I have a lot of trust in Marika, her integrity and ability, and so I was keen to explore sessions with her. I have always appreciated that Marika’s intention is to empower people to make positive changes for themselves and to give them a set of tools to help them achieve this.

It has been an interesting journey and in the beginning quite unsettling as some confusing emotional stuff came up; but Marika was and is extremely supportive and patient with the process and me. The important thing for me has been about feeling safe whilst doing this work, and not only do I feel extremely safe, but also very fortunate to be working with such an intuitive practitioner.

Jane, Sales Consultant


Complementary Therapies

Marika is a master of bodies; a reflection of the ease, light and strength with which she carries her own body.  Marika’s touch is both gentle and firm; a perfect combination for massage which my body was very appreciative to receive. 


My body felt deeply held and supported and safe to surrender to the power of its own healing throughout the session.  And it was delivered with the utmost professionalism, integrity, respect and care for me as the client and for my wellbeing. 

Stevie, Project Coordinator

Counselling | Bodywork

I have received a series of bodywork & Counselling sessions from Marika. I found them to be profoundly beneficial. During each session I experienced deep connection with my breath, and my heart. After each session I experienced a shift in energy, resulting in a freer body and a peaceful mind. Our discussion sessions enabled me to become aware of emotional and mental blocks, thus examine and question them. Marika’s approach was gentle, so I did not feel vulnerable or imposed upon in any way, however she was firm in the face of my resistance, so I could not get away with being “clever”, thus avoiding valuable insights.

Marika is a committed practitioner and lives by the principles that guide her practice. I would recommend Marika to anyone who is truly committed to healing his or her life.

Rachel, Dentist

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