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When we are ready for change the support of a Counsellor can ignite the wisdom and answers that are already within you


Marika is a warm, steady and intuitive Counsellor with 15+ years experience working with clients in private practice and in more recent years offering EAP services to corporate businesses. She is a member of the Australian Counselling Association and uses clinically proven therapeutic interventions to navigate clients issues and desired outcomes. Marika simply loves supporting people and facilitating the growth and learning that comes with an inner enquiry.


She is continuously inspired by how powerful and healing expression is.

"The simple act of nominating and bringing a focus to areas in our life that are not working or not clear can be life changing and make such a difference to our lives."


Marika offers counselling sessions in person, online and by phone.


Get in touch for a free 15min phone consultation if you would like to know more about how counselling | coaching sessions can support you, or to book an initial appointment.



Registered with the Australian Counselling Association 

Qualified Mental Health First Aider

Health Rebates available

We must first have a healthy relationship with ourselves before we can have healthy relationships with others. From here it is then possible to take steps towards positive and life enriching change. When we tend to our inner world, we are by default also attending to our outer world as we cannot separate the two.

Marika has been seeing clients since 2007 and her areas of interest include:

- Health & Wellbeing Coaching

- Stress Management

- Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Anger Management

- Behavioural change
- Building Self Worth | Confidence

- Improving Communication

- Relationship Counselling

- Change Coaching | Life Direction

- Business & Career Coaching


You may just need a one off session to work with something specific, or a series of sessions over time for something much deeper. There is no difference in the quality of the session when done online.

Counselling is invaluable in bringing understanding to the underlying issues that are having a negative impact in our lives. By providing a safe, supportive and non-judgmental space to explore the patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you, or the ideals and beliefs that are keeping you stuck, transformational change can unfold.

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'This process has been life changing'

Laura | Sydney

"Marika has an amazing ability to hold the space, read what is truly going on and reflect and discuss what is needed, in a loving and supportive manner. Her support over the past few years has been invaluable and I highly recommend what she offers and brings to others."

Susie, Nurse

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