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If you need support & structure with creating a budget or saving money then read on… 

I realised through the support of my friends that what we may find so natural and easy for ourselves, others may find challenging, and so I have been inspired to support others with their budget & savings journey. From a very young age I have always been naturally good at budgeting and saving money. At age 14 whilst still at school my dad got me a part-time job at the local chicken shop and this was the beginning of me starting to save money. As a teenager I had no particular goal of what I was going to do with my money, but I had a natural steady consistency and discipline, and by the age of 19 when I left home to move to the big city of Melbourne I had saved a whopping $10,000. That was 32 years ago, and even though at the time I didn’t think it was such a big deal, I can really appreciate today the enormity of that for a young teenager.

Whilst I may have a business and counselling qualification, it is life that has taught

me the most valuable lessons about purposefully budgeting and saving money. 

And now I want to share my wisdom and lived experience with others.

In 2018 I bought a house in Melbourne and some friends asked me how long it took me to save for the house deposit. I hadn’t thought much about this as saving money was a solid ritual I just did naturally in the background. When I went home to actually work out how long, I was surprised at the short space of time, as I had saved $150,000 in only 7 years and on an average income! That’s about $400/wk savings whilst also paying over $400/wk on a house rental during that period! Not bad for a woman who doesn’t hold back spending money travelling and pampering herself. 

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With consistency and purpose, budgeting & saving money can be easy



This course is suitable for anyone whether or not you earn a little or a lot of money.

It may surprise some of you, but earning more money does not necessarily mean more savings.

And this is not about adopting a frugal mentality in order to save.

The course is delivered online, so doesn’t matter where in the world you are.
In this course I will simply…


  • Share how I budget & save from my lived experience

  • Support you with some structure & tools to create your own personal and realistic budget

  • Help you uncover what gets in the way of saving & earning money

  • Confirm and explore with you what’s working and where your strengths are

  • Share some practical money tips


There are two formats that this course can be done in:


1. Group Course format
(Delivered in January or can be done at a time of the year that suits your group)

2. Private Session format
(Delivered all year round at a time that suits you)


This course is a very powerful catalyst for positive change with your finances.

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So if this is something that interests you or you feel the pull to join click on one of the the links below to book in…
Really looking forward to sharing and supporting you on this journey.

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Group Course Format

For those that enjoy the group format of learning and sharing at a scheduled date/time.

Includes 4 x group  sessions, 1 x Private session, email support & budget templates


Singles: A$240

Couples: A$370


Private Session Format

For those that would like a more personalised format & the ability to choose own dates | times.

Includes 3 x Private sessions, email support, & budget templates personalised for you


Singles: A$350

Couples: A$490

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Budgets, Money & You Course

This was a fantastic course. I felt empowered and inspired to work with, and within my budget and tracking my spending has become fun!

I loved the private consultation, in which we tweaked my budget, it was like magic! I have more confidence following this course. Thank you Marika

Emma, Teacher | Mother, NSW

The course gave me the ability to unpick my poor relationship with money and to have a good look at other areas of my life that have been affected and where I have been putting my head in the sand.

I have to say this course was life changing for me. I now feel much more empowered, thank you Marika.

Michelle, Counsellor


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Budgets, Money & You Course

This course has changed my life in ways that I could not have imagined. I know everything is energy, everything is because of energy but this has really bought it home to me. How everything affects everything.


For so long I have felt that money has had me running around in circles. I’ve been trying to catch it, trying to get organized and take responsibility for my spending. After doing this course I now feel that I am running the money. I’m calling the shoots. Money is no longer running my life around in circles.


This course offers so much more then you could imagine. If you are prepared to do the work, which I might add was not easy. I had to come face to face with all the past years of my mis-spending, but every ounce of uncomfortableness was beyond worth it

Denise, Cleaner

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Budgets, Money & You Course

This process has been life-changing. I had no idea that within 6 weeks I could have a grip on my finances and have an end date to my credit card debt. Thank you Marika for your support throughout this process.

It has been invaluable.

Laura, Teacher, Sydney

Marika makes money and all its apparent complexities seem very simple. She brings great clarity with a gentle understanding to all areas of this subject, and supports you to get to know why and where we can get so easily caught out and overwhelmed when it comes to our finances.

A wonderful opportunity for anyone who feels even just a little bit daunted by money, and everything associated with it.

Sandra, Hospitality Manager