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Online Yoga Course

Yoga of Stillness
Online 6wk Course


1 x online yoga class per week for 6 weeks
Unlimited use of recordings
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Next Course:

Wednesday morning Australian timezone

1/   5 June      6.00-7.15am (AEDST)

2/  12 June     6.00-7.00am (AEDST)

3/  19 June     6.00-7.00am (AEDST)

4/   26 June    6.00-7.00am (AEDST)

5/    3 July        6.00-7.00am (AEDST)

6/  10 July       6.00-7.00am (AEDST)

The Yoga of Stillness is a self-healing modality and thus a way of being|living when one allows presence & connection to lead the way

No matter what is happening in the world around us, our greatest resource
is the connection to the deep settlement that is from within


Participate in the classes live or via the recordings to suit your schedule.

Recordings will be made available for up to 7 days after each live session.

Recordings are uploaded directly after the live class (usually within 30mins).

Please use the time converter if you are overseas to calculate your time zone.

A yoga practice that allows you to let go of tension and deeply rest.

The Yoga of Stillness classes offer you an opportunity to stop, connect to your body and enjoy the space that stillness offers. There is so much wisdom in our body and the more that we live from the innate quality of stillness that is within us all, the more we realise the simplicty and power of connection that allows us to enjoy a presence and flow through our day. These classes are a wonderful support for this and the commitment to a 6wk course activates the next inspiration for the body to lead the way.

Taking a body to sleep that is more surrendered and settled will most certainly lead to a deeper and more restorative quality sleep and thus a more energised and joy-full day ahead.

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A GENTLE approach to BEING in your body


I have just completed Marika’s 6week yoga course and I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that was presented in each session and the unfolding awareness that came thereafter. I find The Yoga of Stillness classes provide the space for me to connect to my body and be able to let go of tension and unwind.  I feel the difference in my body after every class especially how rejuvenating and restored I feel.

Marika has a wonderful understanding of Yoga – she presents from her solidness, her presence and the wisdom that she lives. Each class inspires me to bring focus to certain areas in my life. Her guidance and support throughout the 6week course was really beautiful and I highly recommend her course to anyone who wants to re-connect to themselves on a deeper level.

Leah - Accounts Administrator



I am loving being able to do Esoteric Yoga online.  I have missed so many yoga classes due to not being well enough to drive myself or the times were not suitable whilst I have my chemo schedule currently taking priority.  BUT, online yoga I've not missed one class even when I was feeling quite unwell and certainly unable to get out of bed to travel to a class.

Thank you for your super loving and professional care during this past year whilst I underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The loving, deep and restorative online esoteric yoga sessions remained ever present during my hospital treatments.  They fully supported me to rest deeply; from home, no need to travel when unwell, therefore never needed to miss a class!

Fran, Administrator


I'm so grateful for the gift of The Yoga of Stillness. I feel like I've really settled into a rhythm with the classes now, and I've been able to surrender and let go much more deeply during the sessions. I am learning to just 'be' with my body and lovingly accept 'what is' and what is coming up to be felt, without reacting to it.


The Yoga of Stillness has given me the tools to be able to deeply surrender my body and to come back to this anytime in my day, and is teaching me that I can be my own practitioner. I feel I'm starting to integrate the essence of the practice into my everyday living now, and I am wondering how I managed before The Yoga of Stillness. The benefits have been truly inspiring.

Agapi, Singer

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