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Corporate Well-being

We offer people & organisations simple & clear well-being tools and services that make sense, are simple to implement and support staff wellbeing. Get in touch to discuss how we may be able to support your organisation with wellbeing classes, workshops, webinars or a team building event to connect your people.

With the increasing demands in the workplace, & the rise of ill health, it is becoming even more important to make sure that our well-being is given the attention that is so needed. Our bodies are a great marker of truth for what is going on with us physically, emotionally and mentally. Everyone knows that self-care is a key ingredient to wellbeing but do not give it the priority that is needed to be well and vital. This is why so many are experiencing anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion, sleep problems, weight problems, mental health issues, pain, and the list goes on. 


Empowering people with the tools and knowledge to look after their own health brings with it long term sustainability that not only benefits the individual's personal development and health, but ultimately their work productivity. Incorporating self-care practices into our day can assist with reducing stress and tension and increasing energy levels.

For example Meditation and Yoga have proven to be very effective well-being & stress management tools in the workplace which is why a growing number of organizations are including these health services for their staff.  Staying connected to our body offers a steadiness, presence and clarity that makes an enormous difference to how how we can feel and how our days flow.


A very heartfelt thanks again
It has been a real pleasure to meet and work with you all


It was a great team building activity & the feedback has been fantastic


Corporate Programs

Well-being programs for staff can be organised for small or large groups. Or for a more personalised approach to self-care, complementary therapy treatments are deeply nurturing and supportive to support the body and thus our health. We can bring a team of therapists to your workplace to offer treatments for your staff or you can come to our venue. We also offer many of our services online.

Examples for both groups and individuals include:

  • Seated Massage

  • Yoga & Body Awareness classes

  • Meditation Classes

  • Gentle Exercise Classes

  • Self-Care Webinars

Examples of Team Building workshops include:

  • Cooking Workshops

  • Voice & Communication workshops

  • Team Play workshops


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"Marika has an amazing ability to hold the space, read what is truly going on and reflect and discuss what is needed, in a loving and supportive manner. Her support over the past few years has been invaluable and I highly recommend what she offers and brings to others."

Susie, Nurse

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