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Counselling Testimonials


Marika has an amazing ability to hold the space, read what is truly going on and reflect and discuss what is needed, in a loving and supportive manner. Her support over the past few years has been invaluable and I highly recommend what she offers and brings to others.

Corporate Testimonials

Peter Coram
SMS Consulting

That Saturday was an undoubted success is without question. That we did very well likewise. But that we did so with the focus, teamwork, and fun we did was never an inevitability. I know that whilst we were (are) an enthusiastic bunch of amateurs, we were one which achieved what we did because of the gentle, yet underlying strong guidance, encouragement, empathy, happiness, genuine enjoyment both of the task at hand and other people’s company provided by you Marika, with Michelle, Nicci, and Jack.

As well as thanks, congratulations also. You must be very proud to see all your hard work turn into something really great. As professionals dealing with amateurs, such a task could easily turn to frustration, however, you certainly delivered an excellent result in a pretty short time frame, with a pretty low starting point. A very heartfelt thanks again. It has been a real pleasure to meet and work with you all.

Body Work Testimonials



I received a remedial massage from Marika and right from the start her attention to detail allowed me to respond in a way that can only be described as 'I was totally open to relaxing /surrendering' which is not an easy thing for a 53 yr male with a history of chronic back pain since a car accident in the mid eighties, as I move with this tension in my lower back every day.


Marika's quality is one that I have never felt lower back just fully let go of all the tension & pain it had been hanging onto for the last 30 years. I did not know that it was possible that I could feel clear of all that discomfort.


Thank you Marika and the quality that you bring.

Yoga Testimonials



I'm so grateful for the gift of The Yoga of Stillness. I feel like I've really settled into a rhythm with the classes now, and I've been able to surrender and let go much more deeply during the sessions. I am learning to just 'be' with my body and lovingly accept 'what is' and what is coming up to be felt, without reacting to it.


The Yoga of Stillness has given me the tools to be able to deeply surrender my body and to come back to this anytime in my day, and is teaching me that I can be my own practitioner. I feel I'm starting to integrate the essence of the practice into my everyday living now, and I am wondering how I managed before The Yoga of Stillness. The benefits have been truly inspiring.

Budgets, Money & You Testimonials


This course has changed my life in ways that I could not have imagined. I know everything is energy, everything is because of energy but this has really bought it home to me. How everything affects everything.


For so long I have felt that money has had me running around in circles. I’ve been trying to catch it, trying to get organized and take responsibility for my spending. After doing this course I now feel that I am running the money. I’m calling the shoots. Money is no longer running my life around in circles.


This course offers so much more then you could imagine. If you are prepared to do the work, which I might add was not easy. I had to come face to face with all the past years of my mis-spending, but every ounce of uncomfortableness was beyond worth it

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