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Emma, NSW

My counseling sessions with Marika were great and helped me get to the bottom of some issues that had been holding me back for years. Marika also gave me some practical strategies to help with staying on track going forward.


I really like her straightforward approach, delivered with compassion and understanding and have no hesitation in recommending her services to others.

Laura, Sydney

This process has been life-changing. I had no idea that within 6 weeks I could have a grip on my finances and have an end date to my credit card debt. Thank you Marika for your support throughout this process.


It has been invaluable.

Angela, Qld

Thank you for everything – you are deeply felt and appreciated as I’m sure you can feel – not only for your temporal support, but the quality, space and expansion you have held me in and pulled me up to be equal to.

Sonja, Denmark

How awesome it is when someone supports you to unleash your potential. Your are doing great work, Marika.

It has been an absolutely joyous process – I knew when I signed up that it would be far more than changing words on a page – and was not disappointed.


Thank you for the absoluteness and steadiness you held each of the sessions in and also in between – never wavering when I had things come up.


I really don’t know what’s next, but can feel the opening to be open to what may be next – without trying to control that process.

Susie, Melbourne

Marika has an amazing ability to hold the space, read what is truly going on and reflect and discuss what is needed, in a loving and supportive manner. Her support over the past few years has been invaluable and I highly recommend what she offers and brings to others.

Angela, Brisbane

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