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Oil Massage
Relaxation Massage
Remedial Massage

Diploma of Remedial Massage

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Massage is a specialised treatment that opens the body up to its own ability to re-balance. Massage techniques have the ability to de-construct the tension and stress held by your body so that you are able to truly let go and restore the right flow of energy through the body, returning to  a more natural and unhindered way of physical movement and expression. Whilst it works with the physical body and its conditions, it can also address the emotional blockages that may be there affecting or causing the conditions to arise in the first place.

Massage can address & assist with the following common ailments: back pain, muscle and joint pain, sleeplessness, tension and stress, anxiety / anxiousness, depression, kidney fatigue, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, digestive issues and many more.

Possibly the best remedial massage I've ever had. It was deep, nurturing and my body felt a whole new level of stillness after the session was complete.


Remedial Massage

I received a remedial massage from Marika and right from the start her attention to detail allowed me to respond in a way that can only be described as 'I was totally open to relaxing /surrendering' which is not an easy thing for a 53 yr male with a history of chronic back pain since a car accident in the mid eighties, as I move with this tension in my lower back every day.


Marika's quality is one that I have never felt lower back just fully let go of all the tension & pain it had been hanging onto for the last 30 years. I did not know that it was possible that I could feel clear of all that discomfort. Thank you Marika and the quality that you bring.

Michael, Handyman


Relaxation Massage

It was a massage like no other. Why? Because I felt very respected and the quality of the massage was so beautiful. The pressure of Marika’s hands were perfect for what my body needed, so I could completely relax and just trust that she knew what she was doing, because she was clearly attuned to my body.


Marika read what my body needed and how much. I deeply relaxed and my body let go. After the massage I felt like I was walking in heaven, my body felt very tender and how i moved in my body was flowing.

Karoline, Social Services

Relaxation Massage

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the work of Marika's gentle hands on my body during a massage. From the moment I entered the room I was met with a warmth and felt cared for even before I was on the table. I felt instantly at ease.


During the massage, Marika checked in with me to see if I was feeling comfortable, which allowed me the opportunity to let go of any tension that I was feeling and settle into a deep sense of stillness that I could feel within me. At all times I felt held and supported to surrender to exploring deeper connection to myself. All in all, my massage session was a very nurturing resulting in my body feeling relaxed yet invigorated, and healing as I was able to come to understand why I was feeling tension in my body to begin with.

Carola, Food Services Manager

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