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Benefits of The Yoga of Stillness

The old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is very relevant to the Yoga of Stillness, as what lays beneath the surface, inside the simple book cover, is very rich indeed. I liken it to this because the simplicity of the Yoga of Stillness format does not allude to the depth & power of what can be felt in the body in a 1hr session, that is in the most part laying down, being still and creating the space to feel the body. 

In fact it is almost too difficult to fathom how something so simple could be so amazing in what it offers the body and the being and how one feels!

To put this into perspective, in the many years before discovering the Yoga of Stillness I had worked with many modalities and fitness regimes and have been regarded as an expert in my fields as a Fitness Professional, Yoga teacher and Acrobatic teacher / performer spanning a 30 year period. And I can say without hesitation that everything I have experienced has not come even close to the profoundness and honesty of what the Yoga of Stillness offers. It is truly a modality sent from heaven that allows me to experience and connect to a most natural rhythm and thus a way of being that is harmonious, healing and feels so yummy in my body. In fact I would go as far as to say that it is the foundation of true vitality.

If I were to summarise my highlights and appreciations of the Yoga of Stillness they would read something like this…

●The level of deep rest and harmony that my body feels after a session and how different my day unfolds as a result of this lovely connection with me is delicious. I can go into a session feeling quite tired, and come out of a session feeling restored and ready for my day.

●Any tension or anxiousness (especially in the shoulders) dissolves, allowing for more of the spaciousness and yumminess of me.

●The spaciousness, openness & gentle quality that is felt in the body is achieved without any stretching or contorting the body. It reminds me that this is most likely how we felt as babies - so open and feeling the preciousness and tenderness that is so natural.

●There is an absolute honesty that I am shown during each session that allows me to look at the way I am choosing to live. Knowing that my body feels the end result of my choices, it gives me an opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes that I know will directly affect my well-being and how my body feels.

I am in awe of how the body knows exactly how to bring itself back to harmony when I choose to get out of the way and treat my body in a most caring and respectful way - the same way that you would treat and hold a baby.

The Yoga of Stillness is a self-healing modality that can be done anytime,

anywhere and epitomizes the truth of yoga.

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