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Integrating Simple Exercise Routines into your Everyday

Often our lives can be busy and it can be easy to find excuses why not to exercise - no time being a common one. Even if we are not so busy, we can often still find excuses to not exercise. It is interesting to note that when we feel something is important in our life, we do make time for it. So if you find that you use “no time” as an excuse for not exercising, or any other excuse for that matter, perhaps you might consider, is it really a time issue - or are you not appreciating and valuing yourself enough to commit to exercise What if exercise could be integrated into your everyday routine in a very simple way?

Exercise is a great way to keep your body active and moving throughout the day and your energy levels flowing, especially if you sit at a desk or have limited movement a large part of your day. Our bodies were made to move and too much sitting or limited movement can lead to uncomfortable body imbalances and a sluggishness.

It can be as simple as not listening to those excuses anymore, and making the commitment to yourself because you are worth it!cise? What if exercise could be integrated into your everyday routine in a very simple way?

Walking is such an easy, enjoyable and low impact way to exercise & de-stress

Here are some time efficient ways to integrate walking into your everyday. It can be fun and a great way for the beginner exerciser or desk bound office worker to start moving more again. For many people walking doesn’t feel like an exercise program or exercise workout as such because it just becomes a part of a daily routine.

Here are 7 tips to get you moving…

1. Starting your day with a walk can positively affect how you are feeling, and ending your work day with a walk offers you an opportunity to unwind and reflect on your day. If you commute on public transport most days, get off one or two train/bus stops earlier, slip on your runners and walk to your destination (home/work). Whether or not you travel to and from a workplace, you can still integrate these walking suggestions into your daily routine wherever you are.

2. How about walking on your work breaks, especially if your day has limited movement. If you are a work from home mum, walking whilst the kids are at school may be the best option for you. This will increase your energy levels as long as you don’t push past what your body needs. Most people can fit a 15-45min walk into their lunch break or somewhere in their day. You may also be more likely to make healthy food choices after some movement/exercise. So why not start your lunch break with a walk and then spend the remaining time enjoying a healthy lunch. Its a great segue into your afternoon and many find they are less likely to need their afternoon caffeine or sugar pickup. Alternatively, go for a 15min walk in your morning and/or afternoon tea breaks. No rules just find a rhythm and timeslot that works for you and your lifestyle. Most importantly listen to your body each day in regards to how long to walk and when.

3. Take the stairs instead of the escalators and lifts at work, train stations. Walking up and down stairs & hills is a great lower body exercise that can help improve lower body circulation.

4. If you work or live in a multi-level building walk down 1-2 levels to go to the toilet and walk back up or vice versa. This not only gives you a break from your computer, desk or task, but also keeps you alert and active throughout the day. It’s also a great opportunity to reset your sitting posture if you are finding yourself slouching at your desk.

5. Walk to your local fruit & vegie shop or post-office instead of jumping in your car. Or if your local shops are too far away, drive part of the way and walk the far depending on what your body feels to do.

6. A gentle 5-10 minute walk after dinner can aid digestion and be a great way to de-stress and unwind after a work day.

7. Catching up with friends doesn’t have to be at a coffee shop, instead you could meet at the local park and ‘walk your talk’. Being amongst nature always feels great and walking can be wonderfully energising.

Integrating some or all of these simple exercise suggestions can really support your day & have a great impact on your wellbeing. Enjoy the simplicity of walking that can be done anywhere never know where those feet may take you!

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